Popular GNU/Linux Docks

Avant Window Navigator(AWN)

Avant Window Navigator (abbreviated AWN or Awn) is a dock-like bar for Linux, which sits on an edge of a user's screen and tracks open windows. Instead of representing open windows as buttons or segments on a bar, it uses large icons on a translucent background to minimize screen space and add visual appeal. Avant Window Navigator was created by Neil J. Patel and is currently in the beta stages of development.
Both the appearance and functionality of Avant Window Navigator may be customized, and plugins and applets are available, such as to display the progress of a download in Mozilla Firefox or to control a music player like Rhythmbox. The plugins use the D-Bus IPC system, and applets can be written in C, Python, or Vala. There is a sister project, AWN Extras, which is a collection of community-contributed applets and plugins. Its releases are usually kept in sync with AWN.
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Glx-Dock/Cairo Dock


Cairo-Dock sits in the centre of your desktop, allowing you to monitor and control your favourite apps: music players, chat messengers, twitter, torrents downloaders, RSS feeds, calendar/tasks, weather, mail checkers, etc, and a powerful taskbar.
It presents you the information and controls in form of docks, desktop widgets and panels, and lets you customize them as much as you may wish, so that your desktop will be definitely unique and fits your needs.
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Docky is an advanced shortcut bar that sits at the edges of your screen.
It provides easy access to some of the files, folders and applications on your computer, displays which applications are currently running, holds windows in their minimized state and more.
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