Open Source Firewall OPNsense Released

As things mature and confidence grows we are trying something new today: a lightweight and online-only stable update that addresses numerous GUI bugs uncovered by our users. We hope to continue this trend and thus keep asking for all kinds of feedback through the usual communication channels. Let’s build a better OPNsense together.
There are no security issues we are aware of. The LibreSSL version will likely be available tomorrow.
Here are the full patch notes:
  • bsdinstaller: work towards embedded installations, e.g. Quick/Easy disk selection
  • opnsense-update: added command line switches and a manual page for usability’s sake
  • opnsense-update: will now remember that the base system is up to date
  • ports: updated to LibreSSL 2.1.4 (for our experimental LibreSSL flavour only)
  • directory layout: collapsed the /conf -> /cf/conf magic into a simple /conf directory (needs a reboot to take effect) 
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