NVIDIA Releases PhysX Source Code Free on GitHub

NVIDIA has announced that the PhysX source code is now freely available on Github to any developer interested in this technology.

Offering the PhysX source code freely is a very big shift in NVIDIA's policy, but it shows that the company is now very much aware that this is one of ways to improve the Linux integration of its software solutions. NVIDIA already made the SDK free for the Windows platform, but now the hardware company is extending that policy to Windows, Linux, OSx and Android.

NVIDIA has been working on PhysX for almost a decade and it's been closely guarded secret, but the world is changing and so it the company. They still have a long way to do, especially if we keep in mind that the drivers are not open source, or at least not yet. In any case, the simple fact that an important piece of software like PhysX can be downloaded freely is a huge step forward.
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