Netrunner 15 Prometheus Review

Netrunner 15 Prometheus is the last edition of the Ubuntu-based branch of the Netrunner family, as opposed to the rolling siblings that come with more Archy and Manjaroy DNA. While the release itself definitely begs attention and review, what makes it special is the fact it's the first distro, that I know of, to officially feature Plasma 5 as its desktop.

So we will be testing, not only the desktop itself, but also the new environment. We will be doing that on my older LG laptop. But the beauty there is that it comes with the Nvidia graphics card, so it should be extra interesting.

Rather than going for Breeze or Dark Breeze, Netrunner 15 serves its users with its own custom theme, which comes with some of the olden KDE4 elements in order to retain familiarity. This is not bad, but not as powerful as having a fully fledged Plasma 5 setup blasting its photon into the user's face. Still, you can easily change or replace the theme as you see fit. 

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