Mark Shuttleworkth Admits Ubuntu's Unity Interface Was a Mistake Five Years Ago

In a recent interview, Mark Shuttleworth admits that replacing the traditional desktop environment of the Ubuntu operating system with the controversial Unity user interface was a mistake a few years ago, when Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was introduced to users worldwide.
Back then, and many years later, lots of Ubuntu users were angry at Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical for changing their beloved desktop environment without justification. The Ubuntu desktop was based on GNOME 2 prior to the Ubuntu 11.04 release. Today, Unity is embraced and adored by more and more users, especially because of the convergence between desktop and mobile.
“The mistake that I made there, and other people should learn from it, was that it was absolutely clear to me that lining all of those things up was worth doing. The problem was, if you were an Ubuntu desktop guy, suddenly your desktop changed,” says Mark Shuttleworth in the interview. "Now when I think about it’s like ‘duh,’ change without justification for the change is going to piss people off. Now when people see this they’re like ‘holy [expletive] that’s wonderful,’ but that’s because they can see it.”
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Interview with Mark Shuttleworth on the TNW website

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