Manjaro XFCE 0.9.0-Pre4 Edition Released

Manjaro GNU/Linux developers announced release of Manjaro XFCE 0.9.0-Pre4, a Arch Linux based user friendly GNU/Linux distribution featuring XFCE Desktop.

From Release Announcement:
After two weeks of development we are proud to present to you another preview of our next stable release, Manjaro 0.9.0. This time we ship XFCE 4.12 tweaked and patched to have the best XFCE experience possible!
Thunar file manager finally supports tabs and other cool features like inverting the selection, improves on location handling and the shortcuts side pane. On the panel we have now a popup calendar and support for timezones. The settings area has improved display settings with the ability to clone displays via the GUI and other basic monitor management options. Last but not least, the window manager has smart placement optimizations for determining the best area to place a new window where it’s least covered on the screen. It also now supports alinging windows next to each other rather than using random gaps.
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Download Manjaro XFCE 0.9.0-Pre4

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