LibreOffice Online Announced

The Document Foundation announced LibreOffice Online, an online productivity suite that will enable users to access and edit their documents virtually anywhere in the world. This would be make LibreOffice, the first universal productivity suite.

Currently LibreOffice is available for different desktop systems including Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OSX. An android version is currently under active development. Additionally, it is also available for Chrome OS, Firefox OS and iOS.

More from official new release:

Berlin, March 25, 2015 – LibreOffice, the best free office suite ever, is set to become the cornerstone of the world’s first global personal productivity solution – LibreOffice Online – following an announcement by IceWarp and Collabora of a joint development effort. LibreOffice is available as a native application for every desktop OS, and is currently under development for Android. In addition, it is available on virtual platforms for Chrome OS, Firefox OS and iOS.
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