KDE Telepathy to Join the KDE Applications 15.04 Family

KDE Telepathy has finally joined KDE Applications after the developer has ported the messaging app to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5.
This is not the first application to join the newest KDE Applications family. In case you haven't noticed until now, the KDE project has been split into three parts called KDE Plasma (the desktop), KDE Applications, and KDE Frameworks. The KDE developers also made the switch to Qt5 a while ago and now the other devs have to do the same, if they want to continue to be integrated.
This is the second news of this kind that we received this week. The Kdenlive multi-track video editor has also made the switch to KF5 and Qt5 and, just like KDE Telepathy, it will be available for use starting with the 15.04 branch. This is not Ubuntu 15.04, if you're wondering. KDE Applications will soon have the 15.04 version, which just happens to share the year and the month with Ubuntu. It's the same thing, it marks the year and the month.
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