KDE Plasma 5.2.2 Released with a lot of Bug Fixes

KDE team announced release of KDE Plasma 5.2.2, the latest bug fix release of popular Desktop environment for GNU/Linux, BSD systems.

From Release Announcement:
Today KDE releases a bugfix update to Plasma 5, versioned 5.2.2. Plasma 5.2 was released in January with many feature refinements and new modules to complete the desktop experience.
This release adds a month's worth of new translations and fixes from KDE's contributors. The bugfixes are typically small but important and include:
  • Translated documentation is now available
  • Create gtk-3.0 directory before putting the settings file into it.
  • KScreen: fix rounding error in updateRootProperties(). 
  • KWin: Fix installation of GHNS material.
  • Muon: Wait to fetch the KNS backend until we have OCS providers.
  • Plasma Desktop: Extract UI messages.
  • Plasma Networkmanager: Make sure SSID will be displayed properly when using non-ASCII characters.
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