KaOS 2015.02 Review

My previous encounter with ‘KaOS’ was a delightful one. It was a beautiful, fresh (barely nine months old back then), fast and a responsive GNU/Linux distribution. And from an emotional perspective, it also felt ‘focused!’. And it in fact is focused, because it adores the KDE desktop and the Qt toolkit, and carries the objective of strictly being based on them (well, there’s very small number of GTK packages too :D ).
Since then, although I did witness a couple of its releases in the past year, because they were all based on the KDE Plasma 4, I eagerly but patiently waited for my hour ;-) , till they finally release a stable, KDE Plsama 5.0 based one, so that I could take it for a spin. And finally, after a transition period of ten months, now it’s here!.
‘KaOS’ supports 64-bit CPU architecture only, and when compared to the previous release, the ISO disc size is actually reduced by around 300MiB and now the total size is around 1.4GiB. Despite the obvious KDE Plasma & Qt 5.0 adaptation, ‘KaOS’ now uses a new installer called ‘Calamares’ which was initially added to ‘KaOS’ in last December.
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