Installing XFCE 4.12 in Xubuntu 14.04, Xubuntu 14.10

XFCE 4.12 is the latest release of XFCE desktop environment brings new features, updated components, as well as many other attractive improvements. It is considered an update to the Xfce 4.10 desktop environment. The new Xfce 4.12 default wallpaper also added.

To installing/upgrade XFCE 4.12 in xubuntu 14.04/14.10 you need to add the Xubuntu Dev PPA (ppa:xubuntu-dev/xfce-4.12) to Ubuntu’s Software Sources. Besides the regular xfce 4.12 packages, you might also want to install the package xfdashboard, Pulseaudio plugin and few more. You can add the secondary PPA called Xubuntu extras (ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras). Lets start it by opening terminal and run the following commands:
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Installing XFCE 4.12 in Fedora 20/21

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