HandyLinux 2.0 Beta Released

HandyLinux developers announced availability of HandyLinux 2.0 Beta, an elegant GNU/Linux distribution from France, based on Debian, and featuring XFCE Desktop.

According to release announcement, following are major changes planned to implement on HandyLinux 2.0.
  • update the database: passage Debian-8 "Jessie" (thank you Debian)
  • Skype gateway option (coyotus thank you)
  • adding launchers Tools / social / gallery ...
  • Adding the password control (coyotus thank you)
  • Update HandyMenu and tools HandyLinux * *
  • definition of "HandyLinux" as hostname by default (thank you fredbezies)
  • Adding Models in the user folder (thank you dyp)
  • redesign of the site admin 'handylinux.org' and setting up subdomains
  • passing 486-586 for old PCs
  • merging Version 586 and 686-pae
  • Adding Detection Script / delete unnecessary kernel
  • graphic redesign of the site / forum / wiki / blog
  • addition of handylinuxlook
  • addition of "chiaroscuro" (thank you thuban)
  • Slim new theme "flat" by starsheep
  • new walls by starsheep
  • Adding qt4-qtconfig to vlc
  • replacement of software-center by gnome-packagekit
  • alternative file-roller by xarchiver
  • replacement quodlibet by clementine
  • replacement by shotwell ristretto
  • replacement leafpad mousepad by default text editor (coyotus thank you)
  • replacement xpad by xfce4-notes-plugin for better integration panel
  • removing obsolete apt preferences for LibreOffice
  • removing obsolete packages ntfsprogs / netatalk / fuse-utils / dfc / xfprint4 / gtk3-engines-unico
  • Removal xl-wallpaper: xfce now handles change fund
  • removing compiz-HandyLinux deposits
  • Removal slingscold-launcher
  • Removal bleachbit
  • removal of radio-tray
  • Removal zram
  • deleting the win32-loader
  • cleaning addons Iceweasel
  • cleaning the walls

Download HandyLinux 2.0 Beta

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