GNOME 3.16 RC Available; Final Version to be Released on 25th March

As expected, the GNOME development team, through Frederic Peters, has announced earlier today, March 18, the immediate availability for testing of the GNOME 3.16 RC (Release Candidate) desktop environment. The release is dubbed internally GNOME 3.15.92.
Users are urged to test the release and report bugs immediately in order for the GNOME devs to fix them before the final GNOME 3.16 version gets out on March 25, 2015. As such, the GNOME 3.16 development cycle ends today, and next Wednesday we will witness the unveiling of the anticipated desktop environment used in numerous Linux distributions.
“We have now reached the end of the development cycle and here comes a release candidate for you to download, build, and test. Enjoy it as fast as you can, the final release is scheduled next Wednesday,” says Frederic Peters in an email received by Softpedia. “To compile GNOME 3.15.92, you can use the jhbuild modulesets published by the release team.”
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