GNOME 2 is back: Ubuntu MATE is now an official flavor

Ubuntu MATE is now an official flavor of Ubuntu.
Yes, that means Ubuntu is giving a stamp of endorsement to GNOME 2 once again. You don’t need to switch to Linux Mint—just install the Ubuntu MATE disc and get a desktop that works like it did before Ubuntu's Unity and the GNOME Shell came along.


If you’re using Linux, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the MATE desktop.
It’s a continuation of the old GNOME 2 desktop code. The developers are continuing to improve how it works with new technologies without dropping everything and starting from scratch. This makes it more controversial than projects like Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop, which use take modern code and try to make it behave more like a traditional desktop, instead of bringing the old GNOME 2 code forward. GNOME 3 now also offers a Classic Mode to appeal to users who want a more traditional desktop experience.
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