Git 2.3.3 is Available Now with A Lot of Changes

The third maintenance release of the stable Git 2.3 branch has been released bringing several bug fixes and performance improvements to the world’s most popular distributed revision control system that lets developers interact with GitHub to upload the source code of their programs.
According to the changelog, Git 2.3.3 fixes corrupt input in the "git diff -M" command, which now will no longer cause a segfault, the description of the "grep -h" command has been improved, and the documentation for the "git remote add" command has been modified to clarify the information about the "--tags" and "--no-tags" arguments.
“unsigned char" is now used to store values that range from 0-255, the "git diff --shortstat --dirstat=changes" command removes the unnecessary dirstat based on lines, and some documentation was changed to clearly state the interaction between the submodule.*.update configuration and the "git submodule update" command.

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