Fedora 22 Alpha / GNOME 3.16 Screenshots

A few days ago Fedora Project announced availability of Alpha Release of Fedora 22. This alpha release comes with GNOME 3.15.9 (A Pre Release of GNOME 3.16). In this post I would like to share a few screen shots of Fedora 22/GNOME 3.16.

Before we go through screen shots, I would like to share a few highlight of Fedora 22 Alpha
  • Linux 4.0 RC
  • GNOME 3.15.9/ 3.16.0
    • Better visual effects
    • Smooth performance
    • Beautiful and eye candy appearance
  • LibreOffice 4.4
  • Firefox 35.0.1
Fedora 22 Desktop

Nautilus File Manager with better icons and improved appearance

Menu in nautilus File Manager

Main menu of Nautilus

Delete message in Nautilus. All notifications are appearing on the same fashion, from top panel

Wifi listing. Smooth and flat UI

Wifi authentication box

Firefox web browser in Fedora 22

Application listing in fedora 22

Application overview

gedit text editor

GNOME terminal

GNOME movie player

GNOME Software

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