Evolve OS Beta 1.1 Released

Evolve OS team announced release of Evolve OS Beta 1.1, Beta Release of upcoming Independent GNU/Linux distribution featuring a light weight user experience Budgie.

From Release Announcement:
The Evolve OS team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Evolve OS Beta 1.1. This release focused on stability and bringing the core systems up to scratch. Please note that as this is an update to Evolve OS Beta 1 (Quality Cycle), changes that are intended for beta2 will not be present (such as UEFI support). Also note Evolve OS is only available as a 64-bit system.

Many Evolve OS packages are now being built with Clang by default, and as such we have begun to reduce the overall footprint of the system. A live booted Evolve OS Beta 1.1 (via USB) will use around 185-190MB of RAM idle on a Thinkpad X1 Carbon, and boots in 2.318s on an Intel NUC (D54250WYK) installation.

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Download Evolve OS Beta 1.1

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