ChaletOS Is a Design Tweak in the Linux House

ChaletOS Linux is one of the closest Windows 7 clone interfaces I have seen. Its refreshing design makes it a good choice for transitioning to the Linux OS.

Take note that ChaletOS is a very new distro and it has numerous annoyances due to its infancy. However, if you get beyond them, ChaletOS can give you a satisfying Linux experience.
ChaletOS began as a personal project of developer Dejan Petrovic, named HomeOS, that gained little traction. Petrovic later renamed his distro to its current title. Its name comes from the style of the mountain houses in Switzerland. Just as the Swiss Chalet is a distinctive design, so too is the look and feel of ChaletOS.
This system is not too different from Xubuntu 14.04 LTS, on which it is based. ChaletOS has a familiar Windows-like style, with appealing simplicity and impressive speed. Much of that performance credit goes to the use of the Xfce desktop. Petrovic tweaks the system controls to bring unique style-changing capabilities to a classic Linux desktop environment.
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