Chakra GNU/Linux 2015.03-Euler Released

The Chakra team announced release of Chakra GNU/Linux 2015.03 with code name 'Euler', a half Rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop environment.

From Release Announcement:

The Chakra team is happy to announce the third release of the Chakra Euler series. This is a maintenance release to fix some installation issues and provide all the updated packages that landed in the stable repositories since the previous release. The main new feature is that our ISO now supports booting and installing on UEFI systems! Please follow the instructions carefully on how to achieve this.

We are aware that everybody is looking ahead into Plasma5 and we are working on the transition, but we believe it is too early for this to be shipped by default and decided to wait for a little bit longer until Plasma 5 has furthered matured and more KDE Applications have switched to Frameworks 5.

This ISO ships with the following notable packages and updates:
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Download Chakra GNU/Linux 2015.03-Euler

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