BlackArch Linux 2015.03.29 Released

BlackArch GNU/Linux developers announced latest ISO release of the project. BlackArch is an Arch based GNU/Linux distribution featuring hundreds of penetration testing tools.

From Release Announcement:
Today we released new BlackArch Linux ISOs. The new ISOs include over 1200 tools for i686 and x86_64 and over 1000 tools for armv6h and armv7h. 
Following are major changes in new release.
  • lot's of bugfixes
  • change splash for boot loader (syslinux / grub)
  • updated pacman.conf settings
  • updated /etc/motd
  • updated /etc/issue
  • updated blackarch-install-scripts (version bump: 0.8)
  • minor tweaks related to ISO builds
  • updated menu entries for fluxbox, awesome and openbox
  • updated all tools
  • added more than 150 new tools
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