Best VOIP Clients for GNU/Linux

There are occasions when I require a Voice Over IP (VOIP) session. The single most pressing demand is podcast interviews ─ of which I do a lot. When I need to record an interview, the path of least resistance is recording a VOIP call. That, of course, requires a VOIP client. For the longest time, the only VOIP client of note was Skype. Even though Skype was purchased by Microsoft, it still remains one of the most user-friendly VOIP clients available. And considering Skype’s user-base, it is often considered the de facto standard software for the task.
That doesn’t mean Skype is your only choice. Yes, Skype works on Linux (and, for the most part, works really well); but for those who’d rather choose an option that’s open source (or simply not Microsoft-owned), I present to you a few possible options to satisfy your VOIP needs.
Note: Some of these VOIP clients require creating accounts in order to place calls outside of your LAN. Some of these clients/services do offer free SIP accounts that allow you to call other users within the same service. Finally, the major caveat to using any of these clients is that they cannot make calls to Skype users (as Skype uses an undisclosed, proprietary protocol).
With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best VOIP clients for Linux.
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