Audacious Media Player 3.6 Released

Audacious media player developers announced release of Audacious 3.6, a Free/Open Source Media Player that run on Windows, GNU/Linux and BSD distributions.

From Release Notes:
We have released Audacious 3.6. You can download it here.

Major changes in this version

  • A completely new Qt-based user interface, which can be installed alongside the existing GTK+ and Winamp Classic interfaces. The new interface is usable today but not yet as feature-rich as the existing interfaces. In future, it will be the basis of a Mac OS X port of Audacious—stay tuned.
  • We have switched back to using GTK+ version 2.x by default. It has now been over three years since the release of GTK+ 3.0, and yet the “legacy” version of the toolkit provides more features relevant to Audacious, better cross-platform support, a more stable API, and lower memory usage. Audacious can still be built with GTK3 if desired, but we recommend the GTK2 variant for any desktop environment other than GNOME 3.
  • The source code has been converted from C99 to C++11. In addition to making the Qt port easier, the use of C++11 is already allowing more rapid development by letting the compiler work out many details that previously had to be written by hand. The plugin API has also been changed to C++. Contact us if you have a plugin for Audacious that you want help updating.
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