AntiX 14.4 MX Linux Announced with code name 'Symbiosis'

The antiX 14.4 MX Linux operating system has been announced, based on the Debian GNU/Linux 7 (Wheezy) distribution and built around the lightweight and popular Xfce 4.12 desktop environment. This is a stable release that uses the sysVinit init system by default and updates several core components and applications.

Dubbed Symbiosis, antiX 14.4 MX now uses the recently released Xfce 4.12 desktop environment, which includes the xfce4-power-manager and xfce4-dict packages, updates the Thunar file manager to version 1.6.6, and fixes various bugs that have been found in the previous release of the distribution, MX 14.3, as well as on the upstream Debian OS.

“Upgraded bugfix versions (pae and non-pae) of MX-14 are now available. This version has fixed some bugs found in MX-14.3 and Debian upstream,” was stated in the project’s wiki page. “MX is designed to be fast, stable and light on resources. MX-14 series will be supported until the end of life of Debian Wheezy.”
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