Vivaldi Web Browser Review

For the better part of the past twelve years I happily used the Opera web browser as my primary window to the World Wide Web. Opera was fast, feature rich, stable and tended to incorporate features (such as tabs and developer tools) ahead of other popular browsers. I was sorry to see the Opera browser take a sudden turn last year when the feature rich application was gutted and the rendering engine changed from Presto to Blink. While the new Opera web browser continues to be developed, it feels today like a Chrome clone. The current version of Opera is missing many features I enjoyed and it seems likely future versions of Opera will remain trimmed down.

I was pleased to hear earlier this month that a new web browser is being developed by some of the original developers who created Opera. The new browser is called Vivaldi and the developers claim they will re-implement many of the features which made Opera so appealing to many users. The Vivaldi website makes the following statement:
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