Pearl OS : Open Source Remake of OS X

Pearl OS is a revival of the discontinued Pear OS distro. Pearl picks up where Pear left off in early 2014.
Pearl OS has two desktop versions: XFCE and MATE. Both are based on Ubuntu Linux distro version 14.04 Mini release. The two flavors of Pearl OS are customized to look and act like the OS X operating system.
But Pearl is Linux and not OS X. This distro runs Debian-based Linux applications. It does not run OS X software or have actual OS X functions.
In fact, except for a few cosmetic touches, Pearl OS is not unlike other Linux distros that use the MATE or XFCE desktops. For that matter, it is very similar to Linux distros that run the Docky application launcher at the bottom of the screen.
The overall design steps away from the OS X look and feel when you open the menus. Pearl OS uses a Main Menu in the style of the Windows Vista OS. This XFCE release was last updated on Dec. 10. The MATE version was last updated on Dec. 17.
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