Netrunner 15 - Promethus Released

Netrunner developers announced release of Netrunner 15. From release announcement
"We are proud to announce the official release of Netrunner 15 – Prometheus (64bit). Netrunner 15 is revised from the ground up: As the first distribution, it officially ships the new KDE Plasma Desktop 5.2. Therefore, an upgrade from previous Netrunner series with KDE4.x is neither officially available nor really recommended. This release is 64-bit only. (Note that Frontier 14 will be available and supported with KDE4.x until 2016 for 32bit and 64bit). Being named after the “God of Fire”, Netrunner 15 is coming fresh from the rooster! We took many extra steps to make sure Prometheus feels comfortable and as enjoyable as you would expect from using previously released Netrunner versions.
Still it might have some hot corners left here and there, so be prepared for getting burned a little, while setting your heart on fire "
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