MakuluLinux XFCE 7.0 Review

This is the first time I’ve reviewed Makulu Linux so I am not sure how much it has improved in terms of speed from previous releases. My experience with it was that it seemed quite speedy when opening or closing applications, and I saw no signs of overt slowdown or hesitations. So I have no reason to doubt the developers claims of improved speed in this release.
The inclusion of the WPS office suite definitely sets Makulu apart from some other distributions that include LibreOffice. Which one is better? Well, I suspect that the answer depends solely on your individual needs and preferences. Bear in mind though that the version of WPS available for Linux is in alpha as a I write this, so it’s probably a good idea to install LibreOffice. Running an alpha version of an office suite might not be a good idea if you are trying to get work done.
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