Linus Torvalds Debuts First Linux 4 Release Candidate

The Linux 3.x kernel family is no more. Long Live Linux 4!
The Linux 3.x kernel family first officially debuted on July 22, 2011. Linux 3.0 was the first major version change for Linux since the 2.6 kernel debuted in December of 2003. While Linux 2.6 was a major milestone that signified a break with the past, Linux 3.0 really was just the renumbered Linux 2.6.40 kernel. In the same manner the Linux 4.0 kernel is the continuation of Linux 3.x and is the renamed Linux.320.

"Because the people have spoken, and while most of it was complete gibberish, numbers don't lie. People preferred 4.0, and 4.0 it shall be," Torvalds wrote in an LKML post. "Unless somebody can come up with a good argument against it."
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