Facebook Picking Up the Pace on Its Open-Source Code Journey

Social networking giant Facebook is no stranger to the world of open source. After all, CEO Mark Zuckerberg originally built Facebook on top of open-source infrastructure components. During a keynote at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit on Feb. 18, James Pearce (pictured), head of open source at Facebook, detailed how the company's open-source efforts have been reinvigorated in recent years with an increasing number of projects and code contributions. "Open has always beaten closed, being connected has always beaten being isolated, and sharing has always trumped secrecy," Pearce said. Pearce's responsibilities at Facebook include 235 projects that have been open-sourced by the company over the years. All those projects amount to more than 10 million lines of code that Facebook has made available as open source. Many of those 235 projects are available on GitHub, where Pearce said Facebook now has more than 150,000 followers and 26,000 forks.
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