Brief Overview 8 recently released Linux Kernels

The Linux kernel sits at the core of all Linux-based operating systems and is produced in an open-source, multi-stakeholder process. It's a process that has evolved over the last two decades, with a steady flow of new developers pouring into the community and contributing code. In a new report released by The Linux Foundation Feb. 18, the pace of Linux code contribution is detailed with data looking at eight Linux kernel releases in 15 months—beginning with the Linux 3.11 kernel, released in September 2013, and ending with Linux 3.18, which debuted Dec. 8, 2014. The Linux development report finds that more than 80 percent of code contributed to the Linux kernel comes from developers who are paid for their work. The overall number of developers is also growing, with 1,458 contributing code for the Linux 3.18 release. Looking at the companies that contribute to Linux, Intel continues to lead the way, with 10.5 percent of code contributions during the development period covered in the report. In this slide show, eWEEK examines key data points on the state of Linux development
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