Porteus Kiosk 3.6.0 Released

The Porteus development team announced release of Porteus Kiosk 3.6.0, latest update of independently developed GNU/Linux distribution targeting embedded systems like ATM machines, automated ticket counters ..etc.

According to official release announcement, following are some features introduced in this release.
  • Implemented support for associating the kiosk clients with Porteus Kiosk Server - our brand new operating system which allows monitoring, accessing and managing the clients even if they are placed behind a NAT, proxy or firewall.
  • Added support for injecting or replacing default browser preferences with a text file hosted on the network. For Firefox browser you may use all preferences listed in "about:config". All supported Chrome policies can be find here: link.
  • Online video file can be used as a screensaver instead of the 'Ripples' screensaver or the slideshow.
  • Added support for session persistence which prevents wiping user data during browser restarts.
  • Right mouse click state (enabled/disabled) can be controlled through the wizard.
  • Its possible to share kiosk printer in the network so other PCs could use it.
  • Added opensource 3D drivers for playing online games and other WebGL usage.
  • Enabled mp4 (h264 codec) playback in the html5 "video" tag by default in the Firefox browser.
  • Added support for remote management when kiosk is booted over the network.
  • Introduced support for local scripts which should be run once networking is initialized and during kiosk shutdown.
For more information, see complete release announcement in Porteus Kiosk Portal.

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