Lubuntu 14.04.2 Arrived

Lubuntu developers announced availability of Lubuntu 14.04.2, new update of Lubuntu 14.04 LTS series.
From release announcement:
Lubuntu developers are proud to announce that – with a delay of two weeks – version 14.04.2 of the fast and lightweight operating system is now available for download via this link.
Release-Manager Walter Lapchynski explains: “We had to delay the release for two weeks because of problems with X meta-packages which caused us numerous re-spins. But we wanted to do it right in order to maintain stability of existing installations and – on the other hand - roll up accumulated stable updates into updated images to reduce download requirements for new deployments.”
Jens Leineweber, Head of Lubuntu Press-Department, adds in: “And because we want our users to experience a stable environment even for computers with low resources, we decided to not release a .2 version of the alternate installation. That's due to the fact, that we were not able to fix all the bugs brought to our attention.”
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